CyberLink Live Beta for Windows 10


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CyberLink Live gives you a private and secure way to access and share content on your home PC with any web-enabled device. Usining CyberLink Live user can easily share live TV programs, personal videos, recorded TV, digital photos and audio files. Direct access to your media content. No need for downloads
Get access to your media files directly from any web device - such as PCs, notebooks, mobile phones, and PDAs. No matter what type of media it is, CyberLink Live takes care of media file streaming with optimization for format, bit rate, and network bandwidth to ensure the best media experience possible. Simply select and start to view, watch, or listen to your personal media. Enjoy digital media anytime, anywhere
With CyberLink Live, your digital media is quickly streamed right to you. No need for long waits to download large files. Your content are kept secured on your PC, providing you with the controls you need. Build your media community
Share your media with friends by providing guest access to all of your media content or to specific albums. Your friends can vote on your best content and share their views by posting comments. You can also view your friends´ shared media via CyberLink Live too.